Removing The Negative To Highlight The Positive

Remove complaints from Google for online reputation management services and it’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Or like you now epitomize the millennial saying “new phone, who dis?” As though  you’ve turned over a new leaf. All jokes aside, your online reputation is extremely vulnerable to negativity. Things that shine in a bad light are more likely to be shared and gossiped about than good things, just watch the news if you don’t believe me. So if, like most people who have ever been teenagers, there is some negative content about you online, you need to be proactive in making sure as few people as possible see it.

Hiring the team from is a good first step. The second might be to never, ever, offend anyone ever again. Let’s not kid ourselves though, that will never happen. So work with the team to hide those things from your past that you wish didn’t end up on the internet, and maybe still try to be a nice person – not that I’m calling you out.

The firm will work behind the scenes to bury the negative content on the internet so that it would take a sleuth, or someone with a lot of time on their hands, to find it. The thing with the internet is that stuff never really disappears. Those pictures with your ex that you keep being reminded of are a good example. But with your brand at stake, pictures with your ex are (probably) not the worst case scenario. No, for that it’s something that happened years ago that you no longer want to be associated with. It could even have been a mistake, but the internet never forgets, and so there are ways to work around your past and hide it within the innumerable search results.

By using techniques that they have honed, the team from removing complaints will increase the number of positive articles, reviews, and stories about you. This will help to lower the ranking and placement of the past negative content on Google.     They also use other techniques that target the algorithms and the way content is displayed on the Google results page.

Keeping your reputation clean and professional is the same online as it is offline. You don’t go to a presentation in your pyjamas, and you shouldn’t let potential partners see that picture of you from your past either. Ensure they see what you want them to – a competent professional looking to succeed.