6 Tips On How To Cooperate With Influencers In Order To Be Successful

Why has the topic of cooperation between bloggers and brands been so popular for several years? Consumers want to watch real and sincere people, they want to listen to stories from real life and not those that will never happen to them. Above all, however, they want to see “friends from the neighbourhood”, people similar to them. Check how to be successful in working with influencers.

Give the influencers creative freedom

Influencers are opinion leaders because of their personality. They know how to communicate with their fans in order to engage them effectively. That’s why you shouldn’t impose on them how cooperation should look like, but it’s worth listening to their proposals, because then the effects can be much better.

Cooperate with people who match your brand

Before you decide to cooperate with a given person, do a thorough research and consider whether this particular influencer really fits the brand. Remember that the person who will represent your brand will be associated with it, so you must be sure that your choice is fully accurate, and cooperation will not expose you to image or business losses.

Don’t be enchanted by the number of fans

The number of fans does not have to translate into their involvement. One person may have e.g. 300,000 followers, but those who do not react at all or hardly at all to their posts, and another person may have 30,000 or 3,000 followers, but those who are strongly involved and for whom the influencer is really the opinion leader.

Always negotiate prices

Negotiate the costs of cooperation with an influencer, especially when it is a long-term cooperation. Furthermore, remember that the products that the influencers receive from you also have their own value, so use this argument when agreeing on the costs of cooperation.

Make sure that the message is not an intrusive advertisement

The posts in which the Influencer will show your product must be compatible with all the communication that the opinion leader has in social media. This should not be an informational advertising material ending with the question “Buy this product necessarily”. You should avoid pushiness and make sure that the message is natural.

Consider working with micro-influencers

If you have a small budget, consider working with micro-influencers. You can spend the whole amount on one popular influencer, which will publish one or two posts, or engage several or more micro influencers, who will be able to create several entries for the same money.

As already mentioned in point 3, the number of observers does not have to translate into their involvement, and many micro influencers manage to gather around them an active community. Very good tool for finding micro influencers can be Influencer Marketing Software like Reachbird. Such software connect influencers with brand managers. It makes the process much easier as you don’t have to manually look for them at Instagram. You can just customize your search requirements and filter the search results by the number of fans and their engagement.