Stable Work from Home White Collar Jobs Might Become Vulnerable Once Pandemic Ends

Just a year ago, working from home was a great concept that nobody ever imagined could take over. With the pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people though, the world was forced to experiment with remote working and voila what do you find, it is a great model that not only works but saves a […]

Evacuation Plan

Safety At Workplace: Do You Have An Evacuation Plan In Place?

While businesses place most of their focus on the day to day running of their operations, health and safety need to always be primary concerns. In Australia, one of the greatest dangers in many workplaces is the possibility of a fire breaking out. Under the right circumstances fires can burn quickly and unpredictably. This means […]

simpliphi battery

Maintenance Tips for Different Types of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are the go-to solution for storing solar energy. Whether you have an off-grid system or a hybrid system with a backup battery bank, those batteries are an important part of your total setup. The type of batteries you have will influence the system’s overall efficiency and performance—and it’ll determine how much upkeep your […]

Stainless Steel

How To Choose The Right Stainless Steel Pendants Jewelry For Your Skin

Jewellery has always been a tool of expression, for thousands of years, it symbolised class.  With the benefits of modern manufacturing, it is easier to find cheap jewellery to match one’s tastes.  It’s more of an expression art and beauty than class and religion.  The kinds of jewellery are plenty and so being the tastes […]